Five-Day-Tour: Your Personal Touch!

Day 1: The Small Circuit Temples

  • Angkor Wat temple is the largest religious monument in the world.
  • Ta Prohm is the jungle temple and often known as the Tomb Raider Temple.
  • Ta Nei is the peaceful temple located deep in the jungle.
  • Spean Thmor Bridge
  • Elephant Terrace
  • Bayon Temple; the great smiling stone faces in the centre of Angkor Thom City.
  • South Gate

Day 2: Visits to stilted and floating houses on Tonle Sap Lake and genuine farming villages.

  • You will be driven to Kampong Pluk where you will be taken by boat and cruise along the lake to see the lives of people who are living in stilted and floating houses, whose main job is fishing.
  • Experience a ride in a real oxen cart drawn by bullocks. You will observe all the daily activities of a farmer’s life – growing organic vegetables, sowing or harvesting rice, corn, sugar cane etc.
  • If you wish you can visit a local primary school and /or a typical village house.

Day 3: Koh Ker Group and Beng Mealea Temples

  • Beng Mealea is the real jungle temple without restoration. It is one of the peaceful temples and visitors should comprehend quickly how  man and nature combine together.
  • Koh Ker Group – A group of almost 100 ruined temples in Preah Vihear province. Koh Ker is the main temple with 7 levels. You can climb up to the top to see the beautiful landscape. You can visit more temples like:
  • Prasat Pram,
  • Prasat Neang Khmao,
  • Prasat Damrei,
  • Prasat Chen,
  • Prasat Linga…

Day 4: The Grand Circuit Temples

  • Preah Khan Temple is dedicated to the Buddhist King’s father.
  • Neak Poan was one of many hospital temples.
  • Ta Som was built as a Buddhist temple.
  • East Mebon is located on the artificial island.
  • Banteay Samre is a smaller version of Angkor Wat Temple and offers complete solitude.
  • Pre Rup was built in 961 AD as a crematorium temple.

Day 5: National Park Phnom Kulen Waterfall and Banteay Srei – the unique temple carved from pink sandstone

  • Phnom Kulen (the quarry of sandstone and the birthplace of the Angkorian Period), which was originally called Mahendraparvata – meaning the mountain of the great God Indra.
  • Peung Jrounh has fantastic scenery.
  • Huge Reclining Buddha.
  • The carving of a thousand lingas.
  • The most beautiful waterfall in Cambodia, also featured in the Tomb Raider Movie. (If you would like to swim please bring your swimmers with you.)
  • Banteay Srei is the most beautiful and intricately carved temple using pink sandstone.

Helpful Hints:

The Information That I Need To Know From You:

* Please copy the link or tour title and send to my email: or WhatsApp: +85512 372 797

* The start and finish dates

* Tell us the number of persons

* The full name, address, phone number of the property you will stay in and the name you are using at that hotel.

* Let us know if you would like the tour with or without a tour guide.

* Please dress appropriately when visiting temples. If you wear shorts and T-shirts, make sure the shorts are long enough to cover your knees and the tops cover your shoulders. No scarves, shawls or tank-tops are allowed.
* The tour usually starts at 7:30 AM or at your preferred time and please remember to bring your camera/phone charger with you because you will take hundreds of shots of beautiful places so when we have lunch you can recharge it.
* You can bring US Dollars with you and you do not need to convert them to Cambodian Riel. US Dollars are available in the ATM’s across the country. US Dollars (from $1 to $100 bills) are acceptable everywhere, but they must not be torn, old or dirty bills. American coins cannot be used in this country!

* All major currencies are exchangeable at banks and money exchanges.
* Requests to see sunrise will cost an extra $US15 per group and you must be prepared to leave your hotel at 4:45 AM. (Please ask your hotel to prepare a breakfast box for you.) If you have a torch/flashlight please bring it with you. We are forced to charge extra for this service because of overtime.
* There is no way for you to pay for my services online. You will be asked to pay the tour fee directly to my tour guide when the tour starts.
* The tour fee is for a group of 1 to 3 persons, 4 to 6 persons or 7 to 13 persons. The tour fee is NOT calculated per person. Remember, all the money you spend will support the local economy.
* The fee we charge you is based on our qualifications, experience and the distance we have to travel…

$550 for 1-3 people $560 for 4-6 people $570 for 7-13 people With Tour Guide & Driver
$390 for 1-3 people $400 for 4-6 people $410 for 7-13 people Driver Only
Inclusion Exclusion
  • Car/Van/Bus
  • Parking fee/road tolls
  • Tour Guide (English) If you choose the package with the Tour Guide
  • A ride in an oxen cart
  • Cold Water Bottles/Cold Towels
  • 3-Day Temple Pass $62/person
  • Koh Ker Pass $10/person 
  • Beng Mealea Pass $5/person
  • Boat and The Lake Fee $20/person
  • National Phnom Kulen Waterfall Pass $20/person
  • Accommodation, Food & Drink
  • Tips
  • Various Others

Contact Supplier

FB Messenger: Ty Soviet
PH & WhatsApp: +85512 372 797

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