Hi! I’m Soviet (my family name is Ty) and I am the owner/operator of Angkor Vision Tour. I was born in 1986 (the Year of the Tiger) in a small village about 20 KM east of Siem Reap town. I belong to a very large and complicated family who are farmers – they mainly grow rice and some other crops.

My mother has been married twice, through force of circumstance. She and her first husband had a girl and a boy – my half-sister and half-brother. Her husband was killed during Pol Pot’s regime of terror – the Cambodian genocide! My mother eventually married his younger brother and produced three offspring – my two older sisters and me.

When I was a very young boy of five, my father took his ox cart to collect firewood in the forest and accidentally stepped on a Chinese landmine, losing his right leg. His whole life changed in an instant! He suffered immense pain from that day onwards, but continued to work until his untimely death due to cancer, at the young age of 55, in June 2013.

After finishing high school I completed a bachelor degree and a course with the Ministry of Tourism and APSARA (Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap). After working in hotel management for two years I achieved my goal of becoming a tour guide in 2009. I love this job because it offers independence, freedom and a real opportunity to show foreign travellers around my country with its unique culture, civilization and history.

Angkor Vision Tour has been developed with the needs of all independent travellers in mind – whether you wish to plan your own tour or take advantage of one of our many tour packages. All the while, we will assist you with taking photographs that will become wonderful mementos of your Cambodian adventure.

We offer luxury transportation, such as 4WD Lexus and Toyota Highlander vehicles. These are equipped with quality air conditioning, perfect for the heat and high humidity experienced in Cambodia. We promise to make your visit safe and comfortable with many memorable adventures. All this is made possible by our professional, qualified, experienced and personable tour guides who excel in English and Khmer. We accommodate all group sizes, including the individual traveller.

If you are interested in touring Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders, and would like to use Angkor Vision Tour services please contact us directly by email or phone. Our previous customers have come from all over the world, the majority having been recommended by friends and fellow travellers. We are proud to serve people from all corners of the globe who will surely enjoy their time with us.

We provide excellence in service and memorable experiences with our tours of Angkor Archaeological Park. One of our areas of expertise is the history and architecture of the Angkor complex and the many temples around Siem Reap.

The nation of Cambodia (Kampuchea) is situated in South-East Asia and is bordered by Laos to the north-east and Thailand to the west and north-west. It comprises 181,000 square kilometres or 70,000 square miles, whose capital and largest city is Phnom Penh.

Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in north-western Cambodia, which is a very popular resort town and operates as the gateway to the Angkor region. Siem Reap boasts French Colonial and Chinese-style architecture in the Old French Quarter and around the Old Market.

Angkor Vision Tour provides you with the best tour guides for travel in Siem Reap Province. Experience the culture and the history of this majestic region. Your guide will help you to plan the most rewarding and exciting experience you can have in this part of Cambodia.

Remember, our services include: Private Tours, Large Groups, Tour Planning, Itinerary Groups, Accommodation Information, Trekking, Tours, Cycling Tours, Photography and Driver Services.