When the visitors had visited the reclining Buddha, waterfalls and riverbed carvings (1000 Lingas) on Phnom Kulen, they never forget what they have seen and they always want to come again. But the isolated 9th century brick temples, built by Jayavarman II, on a separate part of the Kulen mountain range and the ‘River of a Thousand Lingas’, Waterfall, active pagoda and other ruin temples, proved to be a double adventure worthy of the time and discomfort we had to endure.

How long does it take to drive? It takes 2 hours drive from town to the waterfall because we drive through jungle on the top of mountain range.

The plateau is well wooded and due to its almost 500 meters in height the temperature is characterized by cool evenings and crisp mornings. For a long time well off the beaten-track, some tour companies now run trekking and camping trips to Phnom Kulen.